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How to Sell Spirit and Beer in China

Actualizado: 27 sept 2018

Imported Wine & spirits are both a gift and a wealth sign. It’s an opportunity for imported spirits brands.

Chinese consumers growth

Every year the number of Chinese consumers is growing. They also purchase more than they did ever before. The new richer generation spends a lot of money. They don’t mind spending their money on luxury products, traveling or a good glass of imported beer.

In big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, you have lots of shops where you can find imported spirits brands. The demand is growing that’s why this kind of shops are created. Today, you can for sure find some Belgium of German beers in a small shop or in a supermarket in these big cities.

Online sales for the chinese consumers

55% of Chinese alcohol consumers have started to order liquor online and young consumers plan to buy more alcohol products via the Internet. The web provides a greater selection. You can buy imported spirits from all over the world on quality cross-border e-commerce website.

Selling alcohol online has seen great results, and attracts consumers. With over 700 million internet active users, e-commerce platforms are a great opportunity for imported spirits brands to sell their bottles. 413 million of chinese consumers have already bought at least one product online, indicating e-Commerce’s effectiveness in China.

Strong liquors

Chinese consumers, usually drink Baijiu, but now, they are also expecting novelties. That’s why imported liquors are more and more popular. Cognac, Armagnac, Vodka and others have their place on the chinese market, consumers are waiting.


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