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Brand positioning in China

Actualizado: 27 sept 2018

Working on your online branding and your e-reputation is very important because distributors and buyers will research the brand online. They will use Chinese platforms that are not typical outside the country so you must have a strong presence and reputation .

New brand?

A foreign Brand has to be seen as a popular product overseas, a product that will be famous soon, a product of very good quality.. repeating these positive messages on the right platforms for your target will influence the Chinese Consumers and in-turn their social circle. In the digital age, consumers are more connected than ever and more receptive to quality content marketing.

If you have distributors, but people do not buy, resellers and distributors will stop representing your products and will focus on other brands (that are successful). Chinese distributors are not loyal, they are pragmatic, they want to make money quickly and will not waste money to invest in brands without some level of traction.

Never sell yourself as a ‘new brand’, instead establish yourself online (the key portal for information for Chinese consumers) as successful, popular and reputable in your home country and as a growing trend in China too..


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